Lecture and Lab
How much did you pay for your stethoscope? How much training and lab time did you get in the proper use of the stethoscope? if you are like most providers, you will admit that it is usually inadequate. I present dozens of these classes across the county and internationally annually and I hear that from many of the students in the classes. This is a hands on, (ears on session) that includes a description of the stethoscope and how to use it properly. The highlight of the lab is where you will actually hear real breath sounds though your own stethoscope!
View the instruction design plan of the stethoscopy course developed during my M.Ed program


The Lost Art of Stethoscopy

Stethoscopy for Dummies Handout.doc
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Stethoscopy for Dummies
“the hit new clinical course/lab by Bob Page”
NEW! Breath Sounds Tutorial!
“a self study stethoscopy lab in a box” by Bob Page and Pinnacle Technology Group”

Now Available: Breath Sounds Tutorial from Pinnacle Technology. The package includes the Stethoscopy sounder with narrated tutorial by Bob himself and is similar to the one used in the Stethoscopy class.

It includes guided instruction on how to use a stethoscope, where to listen and actual normal and abnormal breath sounds so the student can have a comparative basis for actual field recognition of these sounds. Students use their own stethoscope on the pad plugged into their computer and listen to the downloaded sounds played on the computer. “Stethoscope not included”

Use your own silly!

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